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Topspin Tennis Academy is the only Professional Lawn Tennis Academy with an International Infrastructure in 70,000 Sq Ft consisting of 6 Synthetic Courts (Rebound Ace – Surface of the Prestigious Grand slam Australian Open) and 2 Clay Courts, Gym, Separate Fitness Area, Cafeteria, parking space and seating area capacity for nearly 200 nos and many more.

Coaches at TTA are qualified, certified and are former International and National Players which gives the advantage of understanding the kids well. The coaches are highly skilled, motivated, energetic, positive and friendly which makes the classes interesting and one of learning experience for all the players. Our teaching methods relate to “KIDS LOVE TO PLAY, WE ENSURE THEY LEARN TOO”.


Topspin Tennis Academy – Updates!


Wondering how to spend your kid’s summer vacation?
Are your kids showing promise and you want to get them some
personal attention?
Do you want to encourage your kids to try and rewarding sport?
Not getting personal attention to kid’s game?
Too many players on one court during each session?
Are you looking to spend some leisure time while your kid
gets some fresh air?

Topspin Tennis Academy is tailored with:

  • Quality
  • Individual Attention
  • Minimum accommodation per session.
  • Coaches constant observance.
  • Fun, Fitness, Focus and many more.

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